Gender Healing
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About Gender Healing
This website is intended as a resource for people seeking to heal themselves from the damage that we discover when we realize how distorted western society is around identity politics, especially gender.

This healing has two aspects. The intellectual or “head” aspect involves gaining an accurate understanding of the truth about gender and identity politics, and about how these dysfunctional social processes are grounded in our human nature. The website serves this aspect by offering a range of articles about gender and gender politics, and links to other similar useful resources. It’s a self-help guide for you to educate yourself.

The emotional or “heart” aspect of gender healing is essentially about traversing the grief process from anger to acceptance. Discovering the truth about how dysfunctional our society is around identity politics is essentially like being transported suddenly from a benign democracy into a malignant dictatorship. If that happened to you, you would have to go through a grieving process as you came to terms with the loss of the society you used to live in, and the realization that now you must live in a society which is actively hostile to men, highly prejudiced about race and gender under a banner of equality.  

It may have been just an illusion that you lost, the illusion that your society is addressing gender and racial politics in a healthy way, but that loss is still real to you, and you must grieve it. Anger is part of that process, but remember that anger is for private processing, not public politics. Work through your anger rather than spilling it over others as so many gender warriors do. The website will help you with this work through illustrative articles and stories, and with links to individuals and organizations offering support for this healing journey.